About Us

Getting rid of stains is a daunting task, making sure you don’t destroy the material through your scrubbing or use of chemicals, and being certain that you won’t just make things worse by spreading the stain all over the material. These fears are legitimate, and we understand the fears of cleaning something that is either precious or made of a delicate material, which is why we started a cleaning service to do the job for you and this website to equip you with the knowledge to handle things yourself if you want to.

When iilfleatherfair.com started, we planned to make a simple website offering our cleaning service, but after a quick brainstorm, we decided to make it into a website where people could learn how to handle their stain problems themselves. Showing that we know what we are talking about, giving them the confidence to give us their trust in handling their stain problems if their trouble is too big for them to handle or their too busy to handle.

From simple tricks such as vinegar an baking soda, to more risky yet effective special mixtures, we share a good deal of our cleaning tricks, but not too much to put us out of business though. We have become an information site that masters in the art of cleaning carpets and leather upholstery, educating every homemaker and single people living alone solving their stain problems.

It has become our privilege to share our knowledge with the world, and by doing so allowed us to drum up a good amount of business in our local shop. So if you have stain problem that just won’t go away, a simple visit to iilfleatherfair.com can go a long way. And just in case you still can’t solve it, we’ll help you find the best people to handle it for you.