Cleaning Common Types of Leather Used In Upholstery

Having leather furniture at home is indeed a luxury. It gives any room an air of elegance and style. The leather we see in furniture is commonly manufactured from hides of cattle, sheep, and pig. There are even more exotic kinds that come from ostrich and crocodiles. With these varieties of sources, leather is further classified based on how they are processed. The method used in processing leather determines its quality, texture, and durability.

leather swatches


Aniline leather can be considered the cream of the crop of leathers. Aniline leather is supple, and its appearance preserves the hide’s original look. As such, the material used to create aniline should be close to perfect since even the slightest scar on the hide will be visible once the leather is produced.

This type of leather is prone to stain due to its absorbency so extra care should be followed to prevent the leather from getting annoying marks. It is advisable to seek the help of professional leather cleaners to handle stain removal your aniline leather furniture.


This category of leather is durable than the aniline leather because it is treated with a dye that gives it a level of protection against stains. The dye treatment adds color and sturdiness to the leather making it less exposed to damage compared to aniline leather.

Cleaning this type of leather is almost effortless because you do not need to be too delicate about it. You can use nearly any cleaning method for this kind of leather. Whether natural or chemical, this leather can stand it.


This protected type of leather is very durable because the dye used to treat it contains polymer. Aside from durability, the treatment used for this leather makes it more resistant to scruffs and fade. This leather is commonly used in making home and vehicle furniture because of its strong character which is needed to withstand wear and tear from frequent use.

In general, cleaning leather should be done with care. The leather is easily scratched so never use rough materials to wipe it. Keep harsh chemicals off your leather because those may cause irreparable damage. If you are unsure, just leave the cleaning and restoration job to professionals. Your leather furniture deserves it.