Dealing With Scratches On Leather Furniture

scratched leatherPeople say that you should keep pets and kids off your leather furniture. But life happens. You cannot just get rid of your pets, what more your kids. Fortunately, leather furniture is crafted to endure normal wear and tear.

How about scratches? Don’t worry too much because of minor scratches, the ones that did not tear through the fabric can be remedied using olive oil, or saddle oil. Get a cotton bud to apply the oil in a circular motion over the scratch. Let the oil sit for about an hour before gently rubbing the excess oil off. Lanolin oil or clear shoe polish may also be used for this.

If the scratch frayed the fabric but did not go through the entire leather, there is still a way to remedy it. While we highly recommend to let a professional do this delicate task, there is a way to DIY it if you are confident that you can do it without causing more harm.

You also need to have the following materials with you. First, you need a leather filler to fill in the scratched area. Next, you will need a leather colorant that matches the color of your leather furniture. Lastly, you need a leather finisher to seal the fix you just did. You can buy these materials from leather goods store or good hardware stores.

Once you have the materials needed, the first thing you need to do is to clean the scratched section with alcohol. Let it completely dry before you trim or sand the frayed portion of the leather. You should use fine sandpaper to do this or else you will form more scratches.

After clearing the area of the scratch, you can already apply the leather filler on the scratch. Dry for another 30 minutes before carefully sanding the excess filling. After which, you will layer the colorant on the filling to match the color of your furniture. Applying the dye in layers will ensure that you get the right color gradient of your furniture. Lastly, use the leather finish to add shine and protect the leather.