Disinfecting Leather Furniture

leather sofaDisinfecting your leather furniture daily is not a requirement. But there will be instances when it can get contaminated by drops from raw food or germs from sick people in your house. The delicateness of the leather is not an excuse to just wipe the furniture the usual way we clean it. It needs to be disinfected to prevent the spread of disease-causing germs in your home.

Disinfecting leather is not that hard because the old trusted alcohol can do the job. But do not go germ-crazy and spray alcohol on your furniture just yet. Test the alcohol against your leather furniture first to ensure that the alcohol will not cause fading on your furniture.

To test if the alcohol is harmless on your leather, put a little bit of alcohol on a cotton swab or ball, then gently wipe it on a hidden part of the furniture, such as on the edge of the base. If the alcohol did not affect the color of your furniture, you can already go ahead and wipe a little bit of alcohol using cloth on the area you wish to disinfect. Remember that alcohol can cause drying, so you need to remove its residue using a leather conditioner after cleaning.

If alcohol causes fading on your test spot, you can use vinegar as the disinfectant instead. Though vinegar is not as effective as alcohol at removing germs, it can still do the job. Again, do not forget to do the color fastness test on the hidden part of your leather furniture. If it is safe and doesn’t cause fading, proceed by gently dabbing the leather with a cloth dipped in a bit of vinegar. Leave the vinegar for not more than 10 minutes, then wipe the furniture with a dry white cloth to rinse the vinegar residue.

When disinfecting, keep in mind that leather can absorb moisture. As such, make sure that you do not over saturate your leather with liquid to prevent damage.