Leather Furniture Care: To DIY or Go Pro

leather careLet’s admit it. Leather furniture is a significant investment. We not only spend money when we decide to buy that leather sofa. We also need to factor in the money that we need to maintain the furniture’s perfect condition. Unless we are billionaires, we cannot afford to call in the pros at every stain event that happens on the leather furniture’s life. So what now?

It is good to know that we do not need the big guns when we are talking about the regular upkeep of leather furniture. We just need to know what to do and what use to clean the furniture because they are like every other object in our house, too. Leather furniture can also collect dust, get stains, and even get contaminated. Learning how to deal with the normal wear and tear process our furniture will minimize the risk of damaging it.

DIY This

Vacuuming and Dusting

This task is self-explanatory. Regular vacuuming will prevent accumulation of dirt that can cause stains on your leather furniture. Vacuuming can also remove allergens from the furniture so make it a habit.

Removing stains as soon as possible.

Don’t panic when you spill something on your leather. Most leather furniture is treated to repel stains, but it would help to clean up the spill as fast as you can because leather is a porous material. It will absorb that stain if you leave it there even for just a few minutes.

Conditioning the leather

Do not overdo the conditioning. Semi-annual application of leather conditioner should be good enough if your place is not too humid and hot.

Call The Pros

You should call in the professionals when your furniture gets badly stained, scratched, or even peed on by your pets. You should let the leather cleaners and restorers do the job because it is hazardous to perform the fix without proper knowledge and tools. You might cause more damage to your leather furniture if you DIY.

Expert leather cleaners are also needed to clean your leather furniture thoroughly.  The professional cleaning can help maintain the quality of your furniture, thus, extending its usable life.