Things That Should Never Touch Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a joy to have in your house. Its warmth and elegance set the overall mood of your residence. When you think luxury item, leather will always come to mind. From wearable items such as shoes and bags to chic sofas and seats, leather is the go-to material if sophistication is required.

Leather is not that hard to maintain as long as you know the proper way to clean and care for it. There are special leather cleaners and conditioners that are available in the market that will be handy whenever spot cleaning is required. These commercial leather cleaners are also needed for the regular upkeep of the leather item.

If you want to use natural ingredients, you do not need to go far from your pantry because you can use coconut oil and olive oil to clean the leather. Boiled linseed oil is one of the most effective substance to use to condition your leather

While we know what to use on our leather, we should also know about the harmful materials that can cause great harm to the furniture if accidentally applied. Take note of these items and keep them away from your precious furniture.


This chemical is found in most cleaners. The scary news is that it can cause discoloration upon contact. With these in mind, make sure that you use cleaners containing this substance away from your leather, especially when it is in spray form.


We are familiar what happens to our colored clothes when we accidentally put bleach on it. If it can happen to our clothes, it can also occur to your leather. You may argue that you will never use bleach on your furniture, but be wary because there are cleaning products that contain bleach. So, before you wipe down your furniture with the latest cleaner you found, check the label.

Baby Wipes

The harmless looking wipes should also be off-limits from your leather sofa. The wipes may contain substances that can harm your furniture. Use clean, dry cloth when wiping off dirt from your leather furniture instead.

Direct Sunlight

direct light on leather

Always think that leather is like skin. You do not want it to get sunburned. Also, keep the leather furniture at least two feet away from heat sources, such as fireplace and heating vents, because it can cause drying and fading as well.